13-th International conference ELECTRON BEAM TECHNOLOGIES 18-22 June 2018, Varna, Bulgaria

As during the all previous EBT Conferences, high energy beams will be a field of interest in this one, emphasizing on the electron beams. The Conference will address various aspects of theory and applications of electron beams and will present extensive information on the recent advance in research, development and implementation of electron beam technologies and related facilities. Diagnostic methods relevant to this field will also be discussed.


Topics covered during the EBT’18 conference will include:


>> physics of intense electron beams;

>> electron-optical systems and facilities for measurement and control of electron beams;

>> free electron devices, electron beam welding;

>> electron beam melting and refining;

>> selective electron beam and laser melting;

>> high rate deposition of metallurgical coatings;

>> electron beam surface modification;

>> thermal processing and thin films deposited by electron beams;

>> electron lithography;

>> electron beam curing of polymers and composites;

>> ion lithography, ion implantation; laser beam technologies

>> modelling of physical processes during the interaction of charged particle beams with materials;

>> applications of charged particles beams in nanotechnology and nano-electronics, in medicine and industry;

>> electron beam equipment design and automation.