The venue of the EBT:2022 is the in hotels Estreya Palace and Estreya Residence, Resort “Sts. Constantine and Elena”, located 10 km north of Varna. The city of Varna is situated at the Black Sea coast. The International communications and means of transportation are good (especially in June when there are many direct charter flights connecting Varna with a number of leading International airports). The seaside Resort “St. Konstantin and Elena” is an excellent place, providing variety of comfortable hotels. The conference location is near the sea cost and a beautiful old park. The participants can do reservation of hotel rooms by the Organizing Committee up to 20 May 2022.

There is a place at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, which has preserved its nature, quietness and serenity. The unique combination of forest and sea on this place brought over some priests in the past and prompted them to build the monastery of Sts. Constantine and Elena. Nowadays, in the immediate proximity of this holy land are located the hotels Estreya Palace and Estreya Residence.

As part of the buildings belonging to the monastery, in the early 20th century, the first grape-based medical treatment facilities were established – hotel St. Constantine, which gave the start to Bulgarian Black Sea resort tourism. The dynamics of the historic times as well as the political events have had their impact on the appearance and the name of that building: until 1957 it was known under the name of hotel St. Constantine, from 1957 until 2003 under the name of hotel Prague, and since 2004 it has been reconstructed and renamed into hotel Estreya Palace.

Nowadays, the old-time tradition of grape-based medical treatment is reviving in the SPA-centre Estreya. With the wine-based therapies and procedures, which are unique for the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, there are grapes and products used from the Belogradets vineyards.

The appearance of the resort was changed with the construction of hotel Estreya Residence. Preserving the natural surroundings, cosiness and specific Bulgarian architectural style, the hotel offers its guests a spacious lobby, a modern-equipped hall for parties and conferences, while in the basement there is the SPA-centre Estreya.

The combination of a lovely forest and the proximity to the quiet beach in the resort provide conditions for an unforgettable vacation and a positive mood.


Prices are for all inclusice service.

Price / 1 night, 1 person


Price / 1 night, 1 person



113 BGN / 57.78 EUR

169 BGN / 86.41 EUR


75 BGN / 38.35 EUR

95 BGN / 48.57 EUR


Participation and reservations made through Organizing Committee of EBT 2022 can be canceled ONLY before 25 May 2022.
Not used and not canceled registrations will be charged 1 night according to the made reservations room rates.
Hotel reservation payment (or confirmation, if conference fees are payed) must be done before 20.05.2022

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